Why Profile Building??

The idea of creating a profile is to establish a database or a portfolio that reflects your interests. Profile Building helps you to gain some perspective about your capabilities and improve them. Understanding your capabilities will make you more confident to face the outside world.

An Admission officer or HR needs to know about your career perspectives, skills, Interests, and Achievements. Students with impressive profiles have more chances of getting into an institution or job of their choice. 

The one thing you need to understand about profile building is that it cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time hence the early you start greater are your chances. You can create a strong and distinct profile with more time on your hands.

  • 10th - Perfect time to start building your profile.
  • 11th - A bit late but ok 
  • 12th - Late, Need to rush 

Profile building from an early stage will help you improve your CV/Resume and also will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of topics/subjects about which you are enthusiastic. Most importantly it gives you more self-assurance when dealing with Interviews. 


FEDAR Foundation | May 11 , 2022

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C.V v/s Resume

A CV is a document that includes all your academic and professional history. It has more sections and is usually longer than a resume. But a resume is solely focused on your professional history. It contains only the information which is relevant to the employer and the respective position. 

The only similarity between a CV and a Resume is that they both are the documents that summarize your professional history, education, skills and achievements. Also, both the documents are provided to an employer for applying for an open position. 


നിങ്ങള്‍ക്കൊരു പഠനതന്ത്രം ഉണ്ടോ?

പഠനത്തിൽ ശ്രദ്ധ കേന്ദ്രീകരിക്കാൻ സഹായകമായ ചില ലളിതമായ പഠന ടിപ്പുകൾ


സ്വയം അറിയുക, മനസ്സിലാക്കുക എന്നത് ജീവിതവിജയത്തിന് അനിവാര്യമായ കാര്യങ്ങളാണ്. നമ്മുടെ കഴിവുകളും കഴിവുകേടുകളും ബലഹീനതകളും നാം സ്വയം മനസിലാക്കുകയും തിരുത്തേണ്ടവ തിരുത്തുകയും മെച്ചപ്പെടുത്തേണ്ടവ മെച്ചപ്പെടുത്തുകയും വേണം. ഇപ്രകാരം നമുക്ക് നമ്മെത്തന്നെ മനസ്സിലാക്കാനും വിലയിരുത്താനും സഹായകമായ മാർഗമാണ് SWOT അനാലിസിസ്.

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